Excerpted from the Asia Pacific Women’s Alliance for Peace and Security

“APWLD invited APWAPS to present its view on women, peace and security in ASEAN and its impact on women. The APWAPS presentation gave a snapshot of the conflict in Asia, its roots causes and impacts on the life of the women, especially women as a victim and as an agent in conflict situations.

The experience of conflict women is not so much reflected in ASEAN mechanisms and processes as ASEAN is far away from women’s reality. Non interference and consensus in decision making process are the main obstacles that have caused ASEAN to be removed from its own people. This is a reality that contrasts with ASEAN’s suspposed goal of being people centered. Therefore the idea of ALBA of America Latin countries was presented to serve as a kind of mirror to reflect the challenges in ASEAN.”

Full text can be read at: http://apwaps.net/2015/05/13/report-roundtable-discussion-on-asean-womens-blueprint-and-alternative-regionalism-on-20-21-april-2015-kuala-lumpur-malaysia/