Migration Programme (Migrants United and Act for Human Rights – MUAH) aims to ensure women migrants enjoy substantive equality and are able to make informed choices about migration.

Asia alone has more than 50 million migrant workers, of whom more than half are women. Various factors are behind rising migration, including neoliberal globalisation, poverty, discrimination and violence against women in countries of origin, environmental disasters, conflicts, and wars. Majority of women migrants work as domestic workers,  for over 18-hours a day without a day off, or a guaranteed wage. Separated from their families, they are routinely abused at home and abroad. They are often deprived of access to justice or remedies, leaving them in state of debt bondage, trafficking victims, or near-death conditions.

Our Migration Programme focuses on increasing capacities, voices and leadership of women migrants by conducting feminist organising training, Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR), strategic advocacy and supporting networks for collective migrants movement building, including the United for Foreign Domestic Workers’ Rights (UFDWR).