BPfA Accountability Map – 2014

The BPfA Accountability Map provides information on the measures taken by governments in the Asia Pacific region to implement their commitments under the Beijing Platform for Action (BPfA). The information is sourced from national and regional data available online, and will be periodically updated. The map only addresses the Priority Areas in the Beijing Platform that APWLD members engage in. Users can select a country from the drop-down menu to view nationally-specific information for each priority area. Click here to access the database.

SDGs Monitoring and Accountability Tool (MAT) – 2017

The #Women2030 Monitoring and Accountability Tool is an online crowd sourced database and a phone application to monitor data on women’s status and measures taken by governments to implement their commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Climate Policy. The tool aims to foster knowledge, resources and evidence on the impact of development and climate policies and practices on women at local, national and regional level. By creating a crowd-sourced database, the tool will allow for a bottom up approach in establishing empirical information in monitoring and reviewing the SDGs and Climate Policy.

The overall goal of this monitoring and accountability tool is to collectively gather reliable evidence to support feminist and women’s rights advocacy against a chosen set of indicators by the #Women2030 project partners. The database is still in the testing phase, and therefore not open to public yet.