Our Theory of Change: Amplifying Movements

We believe advances in women’s human rights are achieved when powerful feminist movements exist and can thrive, free from any forms of harassments and constraints. Our work is designed around supporting and fostering movements and amplifying their impact through regional and international engagements and solidarity. We have identified four key elements movements need to prosper:

  1. Strong capacities to analyse, organise, advocate and drive social, economic and political change;
  2. Knowledge, evidence, tools and resources to advocate for change;
  3. Advocacy space and opportunities to engage with and influence policy makers at local, national, regional and international levels; and
  4. Institutional structures and space to build alliances, coalitions and networks that amplify common demands and collectively drive change.

Our programme’s strategic interventions contribute to at least one of the four domains of change while we also track how changes in one domain lead to impact in subsequent domains.