Our Integrity Policies

APWLD seeks to attain the highest possible levels of integrity based on feminist principles and accountability in conducting all our internal and external operations to fulfill our organisational mission. APWLD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of serious misconduct, including our Code of Conduct/Ethics, Equity and Harassment Policy and our Whistleblowing Policy.

If you have concerns about corruption, nepotism or any other serious misconduct by APWLD Secretariat, members, contract partner or other related entity, please bring the matter immediately to our attention by contacting our Integrity Advisors, Govind Kelkar and Matcha Phorn-In on confidential@apwld.org; or utilise complaints procedures outlined in APWLD’s Grievance Policy (attached as an annex; p.62-63 of APWLD’s Operations Manual).

To access APWLD’s Constitution and Bylaws, click here.

Our Integrity Policies:

Whistleblowing Policy

Code of Ethics

Staff Code of Conduct

Grievance Policy

Equity and Harassment Policy