Research and Training

Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR)

Our research programmes endeavour to increase the evidence base for advocacy while strengthening the organising and mobilising women at the grassroots. Participation in FPAR is at an organisational level and undertaken as a 2-year project with many opportunities for national and international advocacy work. Research projects equip women with the tools for building up first hand evidence for advocacy purposes as well as resources for organising at community and national level. We currently have two ongoing FPARs, one with Rural and Indigenous Women, and another on Climate Justice.


APWLD conducts trainings on Feminist Learning and Legal Practice, Political Participation and Labor Organising under its different programmes. Through these various trainings, APWLD develops participant’s perspective and analysis of Globalisation, Fundamentalism and Militarism. Our trainings also provide the space for participants to sharpen their advocacy skills such as in interfacing with UN rights bodies, preparing advocacy narratives that highlight their key issues and concerns, and also providing opportunities for solidarity work among participants who work on diverse issues.