Our Structure

APWLD takes its direction and governance from its diverse membership. It is composed of 235 non-governmental organisations / civil society organisations or networks including feminists / women’s rights organisations, people’s organisations, and other human rights/development organisations as well as individual members from 27 countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Our membership provides the strength and expertise that drives and executes our work. Members are actively involved in APWLD’s programme work through taking part in Programme Organising Committees (POC). APWLD is governed by a Programme and Management Committee (P&M) comprised from a larger Regional Council (ReC) of active members. Our Secretariat in Chiang Mai and satellite office in Penang carries out day-to-day operations and provides programme implementation as well as financial and technical support.

The General Assembly (GA) is composed of all APWLD members, including  Regional Council (ReC) members, Programme and Management Committee (P&M) members and Programme Organising Committee (POC) members. It meets every three years to discuss matters significant to the direction of the organisation including membership.

The Regional Council (ReC) of 22 representatives is nominated from the members and meets every year to decide on matters of membership, sets programme agendas and directions and creates the programme organising committees.

The Programme and Management Committee (P&M) oversees the management of the programmes and administration of the APWLD carried out by the Secretariat. It meets quarterly with the Secretariat to ensure the proper implementation of programmes by reviewing and approving programme plans as well as budget and financial administration of programmes.

The Secretariat implements the direction of programmes with the supervision of a Regional Coordinator. Each programme is composed of a Programme Officer assisted by a Programme Organising Committee who are nominated from the Regional Council. Programmes may also create a Programme Activity Organising Committee for specific endeavours such as campaigns to facilitate guidance from members.

Our Whistle Blowing Policy

APWLD is committed to anti-corruption, transparency and accountability. APWLD’s Programme and Management Committee has designated Govind Kelkar and Matcha Phorn-In as the main contacts for extraordinary complaints; while if any complaint that involves either of the two primary contacts, Titi Soentoro (@apwld.org) will act as an alternate contact. The email address confidential@apwld.org has been created with only the contact persons having access to it.

APWLD staff members, members or sub-grant partners who have concerns about corruption, nepotism or any other serious misconduct by the Secretariat or by an APWLD contract partner or other related entity are encouraged to bring the matter immediately to the attention of either the Regional Coordinator or the Programme and Management Committee and may use the complaints procedures outlined in APWLD’s Grievance Policy.

Should any person with information regarding corruption, nepotism or other serious misconduct wish to remain anonymous, they may bring the matter to the attention of the Programme and Management committee by writing an anonymous letter to the designated contact point.

For further information about our whistle blowing policy, please contact Marion Cabrera (Human Resources and Executive Officer, APWLD Secretariat) at marion@apwld.org.