5 February, 2021

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), together with the undersigned organisations, express concern on the recent political developments in Myanmar/Burma.

The military has announced a state of emergency for one year and political leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi have been arrested and charged with criminal cases. There is also a crackdown on civil society activists and leaders, especially those who have been resisting this undemocratic violence. It is concerning that the military has used election results as an excuse to dismantle a democratically elected government with a looming threat to dissolve the National League of Democracy (NLD).

In the past four days, the military has curbed freedom of expression and information by shutting down communications systems including internet and phone lines or providing restricted services leading to surveillance and privacy concerns.  Moreover, the military has been pressuring private telecommunication service providers to block social media and also to gain direct access to the personal data of its customers, which is a direct breach of human rights of the users.

The military conflict lasting over 70 years has impacted women disproportionately, especially ethnic and religious minorities, including rape being used as a weapon to sustain military power. The current political instability is undoing the democracy and human rights movements’ efforts in the past few decades. Intentionally created chaos with the banking system by the military will further marginalise people’s needs and exacerbate the hardships COVID-19 has unfold. 

We demand the Military of Myanmar to:

  1. Immediately lift the state of emergency and return the state power to the democratically elected NLD.  This will be the indicator as the first step to restore democracy and peoples’ sovereignty in Burma.
  2. Immediately release all detained leaders and activists and stop any judicial harassment. 
  3. Restore nation-wide and overseas communications including landlines, mobile and internet. 
  4. Stop restricting the service of  private telecommunication service providers, and pressuring them to get direct access to users’ data. 
  5. Stop any surveillance and protect women human rights defenders, democracy activists and journalists.
  6. Ensure peoples’ right to peace and non-violence and immediately stop any attacks and violent conflicts in ethnic/indigenous land and territories across Burma.

We urge the international community for targeted economic sanctions against the military and their families and cronies.  The UN Security Council must condemn and take responsible actions against the military coup based on human rights norms and respect for peoples’ sovereignty.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Burma and will continue to monitor the situation in the country.  Those who hijacked peoples’ power and democracy must be held accountable; and the international community must take responsible support to enable people-led, democratic Burma.

Organisational Sign-Ons

1 Clean Clothes Campaign International Global network
2 Just Associates (JASS) International Global
3 RESURJ International Global South
4 Women’s Major Group International Global
5 Gender Equality and Inclusion Hub International Australia
6 International Service for Human Rights International Switzerland
7 International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) International Australia
8 International Women’s Network against Militarism International Guam, Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, South Korea, US/Hawai’i/Puerto Rico
9 International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific) International Malaysia
10 MADRE International United States
11 Maquila Solidarity Network International Canada
12 Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights International Philippines
13 Women’s International Peace Centre International Uganda
14 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom International Switzerland
15 Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development Regional Thailand
16 Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW) Regional Thailand
17 Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) Regional Malaysia
18 Americas Program Regional Mexico
19 Asociadas por lo Justo ( JASS ) Mesoamerica Regional Mesoamérica
20 The Americas Program Mx Regional Mexico-US
21 WoMin African Alliance Regional South Africa
22 Kilusan ng Manggagawang Kababaihan (Movement of Women Workers) Grassroots/National Philippines
23 Tanggol Bayi – Philippines Grassroots/National Philippines
24 Karapatan Alliance Philippines Grassroots/National Philippines
25 Society for Rural Education and Development Grassroots/National India
26 AMIHAN National Federation of Peasant Women Grassroots/National Philippines
27 Women’s League of Burma – WLB Grassroots/National Burma
28 Center for Trade Uniin and Human Righs (CTUHR)- Philippines Grassroots/National Philippines
29 Center for Women’s Resources Grassroots/National Philippines
30 Feminist League Grassroots/National Казахстан
31 Thai Action Committee for Democracy in Burma Grassroots/National Thailand
32 National Fisheries Solidarity Grassroots/National Sri Lanka
33 Philippine Task Force for Indigenous Peoples Rights (TFIP) Grassroots/National Philippines
34 Shan Women’s Action Network Grassroots/National Thailand
35 Public Association Women’s organization Alga Grassroots/National Киргизия
36 Women for Genuine Security Grassroots/National US
37 PESADA Grassroots/National Indonesia
38 Women Workers in Struggle for Employment, Empowerment and Emancipation (Women WiSE3) Grassroots/National Philippines
39 HomeNet Pakistan Grassroots/National Pakistan
40 Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development Grassroots/National Philippines
41 Mirror Mirror Vietnam Grassroots/National Vietnam
42 Leap Girl Africa Grassroots/National Cameroon
43 PA women’s organization Alga Grassroots/National Kyrgyzstan
44 Center for Sustainable Community Development Grassroots/National Vietnam
45 Nepal Mahila Ekata Samaj Grassroots/National Nepal
46 Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC) Nepal Grassroots/National Nepal
47 Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) Grassroots/National Bangladesh
48 Karmojibi Nari Grassroots/National Bangladesh
49 Igapo Project Grassroots/National France
50 our bodies our lives mvement Grassroots/National Malawi
51 Perempuan Mahardhika Grassroots/National Indonesia
52 BINDU Women Development Organization Grassroots/National Bangladesh
53 Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Grassroots/National Fiji
54 Stand Up Movement Lanka Grassroots/National Sri Lanka
55 Enby Speaks Grassroots/National Malaysia
56 U.S. Campaign for Burma Grassroots/National USA
57 Nijera Kori Grassroots/National Bangladesh

Individual Sign Ons

1 Aasha Ramesh India
2 Adip Bardewa Nepal
3 Alexia Shakou Cyprus
4 Aliza Yuliana Indonesia
5 Alma Sinumlag Philippines
6 Alon Kaiser Australia
7 Alvin Cloyd Dakis, MHSS, RN, CSSYB Philippines
8 Amjad Hussain Pakistan
9 Andi Cipta Asmawaty Indonesia
10 Ashila Niroshini Dandeniya Sri Lanka
11 Atsushi Saito Japan
12 Aung Thi Ha Myanmar
13 Aung Thi Ha Myanmar
14 Bess Beliveaux United States
15 Bhagavati Adhikari Nepal
17 Chim Channeang Cambodia
18 Cindi Katz USA
19 Cristina Loscos Spain
20 Cristina Palabay Philippines
21 Daniel Barrera Spain
22 Desti Murdijana indonesia
23 Dr Sharon Bell New Zealand
24 Ei Thazin Khaing Myanmar
25 Estelle Cohenny France
26 eunjoo ahn south korea
27 Farhana Afrin Tithi Bangladesh
28 Farhana Jubaida Urmee Bangladesh
29 Gabriele Köhler Germany
30 Gabriele Köhler Germany
31 Gurmeet Kaur India
32 H. Inthumathy Sri Lanka
33 Hasina Akther Bangladesh
34 Hseng Noi Thailand
35 Irene Guijt The Netherlands
36 Isadora Margot Vadasz Australia
37 Isha Tembe Australia
38 Israt Jahan Poppy Bangladesh
39 Jen Wilson New Zealand
40 Kalpana Kulung Nepal
41 Kavita Naidu Australia
42 Khushi Kabir Bangladesh
43 Kseniya Ursu United States
44 Lau Ka Mei Hong Kong
45 Laura Carlsen Mexico
46 Lenora Lippmann Australia
47 Lisa VeneKlasen United States
48 Lochna Menon Malaysia
49 Margaret Mapondera Zimbabwe
50 Marisa Viana Brazil
51 Marisna Yulianti Indonesia
52 Maryam Lee Malaysia
53 MI YEON KIM Republic of Korea
54 Monojit Mitra Bangladesh
55 Mya Sandi Aung US
56 Nan Thu Zar Aung Thailand
57 Nang Kham Awn Thailand
59 Nang Moet Moet Burma
60 Naw Esther Chit Myanmar
61 Paramitha Weerasekara Sri Lanka
62 Parvati Sunam Nepal
63 Paul Wolvekamp Netherlands
64 Rehana Adib India
65 Riley Dolan United States
66 Rizky Putra Edry Indonesia
67 Rosie Smith UK
68 Sachini Perera Sri Lanka
69 Sara Hoper Sweden
70 Sarryna Gesite Philippines
71 Satoko Yamaguchi Japan
72 shanta shrestha Nepal
73 Sharry Morshidi Malaysia
74 Sibongile Chibwe Singini Malawi
75 Sita Ghimire Nepal
76 Siti Maimunah Indonesia
77 Smita Magar Nepal
78 Stephanie Dunn Fiji
79 Sunzida Sultana Bangladesh
80 Tetet Nera-Lauron Philippines
81 Tzarm Hpone USA
82 Vernie Yocogan_Diano Philippines
83 Wut Yee Oo Thailand
84 Yindee Thailand

For further information please contact Neha Gupta, Information and Communications Officer at neha@apwld.org