Theme: Asia Pacific Women’s Movements

We are seeking articles focusing on women’s movements in Asia and the Pacific responding to the multiple challenges of fundamentalism, militarism and globalisation. This issue would like to present how women’s movements have worked on developing solidarity at national or regional level, strengthened their organisational capacities, and participated or led organising and creating inclusive spaces for policy-making and political participation.


APWLD held the recent Asia Pacific Feminist Forum last May 2014 , highlighting the power of women’s movements in addressing the most critical issues facing the world today: environmental degradation, harmful trade agreements, exploitative labour serving economies of overconsumption, widespread poverty and inequality. The APFF brought together nearly 300 feminists from around the Asia Pacific region to maximise the potential of movements in bringing about change. This event comes at a time when global mechanisms are taking place that will determine the future– the deadlines of the Millennium Development Goals and the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the 20th year of the Beijing Platform for Action are key dates for women’s activism around the world. Women’s movements have been a key transformative force in challenging the most oppressive structures and systems.

Article requirements

We would like articles that tell the story of a women’s network, a women’s grassroots movement, women’s labour union or women’s community that has come together to challenge structures and systems. We welcome stories about newly formed networks and movements and how they formed.

These are the questions we asked at the APFF and we ask for articles that can answer the same questions:
 How can we embolden and empower progressive feminist leadership in political spaces?
 How can we challenge and shape the political agenda to make it more equitable?
 What new accountability mechanisms do we need?
 What partnerships or alliances do we need to build?
 What new skills are needed and what existing skills need to be broadened?
 What do we need to add to our body of knowledge?

Length: 500 -1000 words long
Please provide pictures to accompany the articles

Deadline for articles: 14 September 2014

Send your manuscript to:
Aileen Familara,