APWLD has launched our 2018 Annual Report. Across Asia Pacific and the globe, 2018 was a journey of difficulties marked by a harsh political environment. The year saw shrinking spaces for democratic participation, direct attack on multilateralism, governments’ rescinding on human rights obligations, and increasing encroachment of corporations and businesses into policy spaces and peoples’ territories.Despite this climate, 2018 was still a year of growth and collective victories for APWLD.

In 2018, we embarked some new and innovative approaches including establishing women’s democratic demands (Womanifesto) to influence electoral processes and advance democratic
accountability; connecting the trade and finance dots to deepen feminist investigation and analysis to unpack the impacts of neoliberal economic policies; launching our first ‘media fellowship’ to work with woman journalists to engage and influence public discourse; and concretising our plan for Women’s Global Strike on March 8, 2020 to shake the patriarchal global order with a united front feminist solidarity strike actions.

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