Since 2012, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) has been advocating for a transformative development framework that addresses the structural causes of inequalities and fulfil promises to women’s human rights. Along with civil society in the Asia Pacific region, we called for the Development Justice framework that seeks to reduce inequalities of wealth, power and resources, between countries, between rich and poor and between men and women.

Women Monitoring SDGs

Commenced in 2016, APWLD is partnering and supporting national and grassroots women’s organisations from nine countries to carry out follow-up and review of their government’s implementation of the SDGs while also advocating for Development Justice. Through this collaborative project, we are committed to ensuring that women and their communities have the capacity, resources and access to national development agencies and hold their own governments accountable to the promises they have made. 

Read APWLD members and partners People’s Development Justice report from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Thailand, where they monitor and review their countries commitments and implementations of the SDGs over the past year.