Climate change poses one of the largest threat to women’s human rights. The current increase of 1°C degree has already caused devastating impacts, particularly to the lives of women in most affected countries. Without commitments to transition away from our fossil fuel based economic system member states’ commitments are currently leading to a devastating 3.6°C increase.

The “just and equitable transition” represents the transition demanded through calls for “system change, not climate change”, a transition away from a consumption based, extractive and exploitative economy. A transformative approach also recognises that climate change is disproportionately impacting workers and communities that are already the most vulnerable and exploited in the current economic model. The concept of a just and equitable transition provides us with a unique opportunity to redesign societies in ways that are equitable, just and sustainable: an opportunity to build a Feminist Fossil Fuel Free Future.

With the aim to strengthening women’s human rights, APWLD is calling for a just and equitable transition. Click here to read and download our Just and Equitable Transitions briefer.