Building social movements and increasing women’s democratic voice is not easy. What tools do women in Asia-Pacific use to raise collective awareness, kick start action, and institutionalise change? Rural, indigenous, migrant, and urban poor (RIMUP) women in the region are seeing inequalities increase and seeing their marginalisation increase, as globalisation and economic growth-centred development strategies are prioritized over their well being and needs.

From 2015-2017 APWLD supported 10 grassroots organisations of rural, indigenous, migrant, and urban poor (RIMUP) women throughout Asia Pacific to change the way “development” works in their communities, their nations and the region. The grassroots organisations built movements using Feminist Participatory Action Research (FPAR) as a tool to pursue Development Justice – a transformative and redistributive framework that aims to reduce inequalities of wealth, power and resources between countries, between rich and poor and between men and women.

Read and download our report ‘Changing Development From Inside-Out: FPAR For Development Justice in Asia Pacific’ by clicking on the image below.