APWLD is seeking expressions of interest from national or local organisations in the Asia Pacific to partner with us to conduct the Feminist Legal Theory and Practice Training at the national level (National FLTPs). The partnership will include collaboration to develop a national specific module, translation of materials and hosting the national FLTP training programme, conducting collaborative evaluation and becoming a member of the growing FLTP community of practice. It will also involve nominating someone from the core training team to in the upcoming Regional FLTP Training in 17-21 June 2019, to be held in Penang, Malaysia.


The FLTP training has been one of the core capacity building activities of APWLD that has now grown into a dynamic program that offers a unique model in the region. The FLTP framework has feminism as its core and human rights as its foundation.  It enables participants to use feminist analysis and perspectives in legal practice and legal activism.

The training seeks to challenge the traditional notion that law is a neutral, objective and rational set of rules, unaffected by the perspective of those who wield power in societies.  Participants shall address the social, cultural and political contexts that shape the legal system. Given that law (as a culture, system and as an institution) is a reality that women face and engage with, it is essential for women’s rights activists to explore how law can be utilised to transform women’s lives. During the course participants apply the principles to a law, policy or practice limiting women’s human rights and are encouraged to develop strategies to change the practice.

For over two decades FLTP trainings have been implemented by APWLD at national, sub-regional and regional level.

Participants of APWLD Feminist Legal Theory and Practice Training of Trainers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: APWLD

National FLTPs 2019

This year 2019, the Feminist Law and Practice Programme has resource and capacity to support the conduct of National FLTP workshops to help strengthen capacities in feminist practice and legal strategising that is responsive to the context, issues and needs of women at the local and/or national level. The programme hopes to partner with national organisations with the following objectives:

  • To analyse and effectively challenge discriminatory laws and policies in their countries by applying feminist analysis, rights-based legal practice and international conventions and precedents for advancement of women’s human rights;
  • To design progressive feminist legal strategies for women’s human rights for implementation at the national level;
  • To design national campaigns to advance women’s human rights in the country;
  • To foster a supportive network and movement of feminist legal practitioners and activists within the country; and
  • To build a body of knowledge around existing laws and practices relating to women’s issues in the country from the standpoint of feminism, international standard of human rights and development justice
Selection Criteria of National Partners

APWLD is seeking to work with like-minded national partners in different countries, preferably non-governmental and non-profit organisations, that:

  • Work for the realisation of the human rights of women at community and national level
  • Is committed to the promotion of human rights of women, particularly young, women (rural, indigenous, migrant and/or women in other minority groups)
  • Have strong networks and affiliations with feminist lawyers, activists, judiciary and the legal community in their countries
  • Have experience in launching creative and participatory training and workshops in the areas of feminism, women’s human rights or women and the law; and
  • Have necessary organizational resources to coordinate and conduct the National FLTPs with support from the APWLD Secretariat
Scope of Work and Responsibilities

National Partners lead in conducting the FLTPs in the different countries with the support of the APWLD secretariat within April to December 2019. As the lead partners in this endeavor they will be asked to be responsible for the following:

  • Lead, coordinate and organise for the successful conduct of the National FLTP
  • Provide the APWLD Secretariat and resource person with the current context of women and law in their country to facilitate module development
  • Ensure that the National FLTP is guided by the broader framework of the Feminist Legal Theory and Practice
  • Design their own selections criteria and process in consultation with the APWLD secretariat
  • Convene the trainers and work with them in the training design, implementation and evaluation of the National FLTP
Selection Process and Deadline

For more information on the National FLTPs 2019, please refer to the concept note. Please fill out the on-line application form or download the form here.  Submit the completed application form, letter of interest (addressing the selection criteria and scope of work), and indicative budget for the training using the template provided. For applications sent via email please send to:

Marion Cabrera

Programme Officer, Feminist Law & Practice, APWLD


Please indicate in the subject line: “Expression of Interest of National FLTP Partner 2019”