18 December 2020


President of the Republic of Indonesia 

Istana Merdeka

Jakarta Pusat 10110, Indonesia



President of the Republic of the Philippines

Malacañang Complex

J.P. Laurel Street

San Miguel, Manila 1005, NCR, Philippines

Sub: Bring Mary Jane Home NOW: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Your Excellencies,

We, the undersigned, demand justice for Mary Jane Veloso and stand in solidarity with her and her family. Mary Jane, a human trafficking victim, has been imprisoned in Indonesia for 10 years on death row since 2010. We urge that both the governments of Indonesia and of the Philippines coordinate and guarantee Mary Jane a fair and due legal process, including her right to testify through deposition, and immediately release Mary Jane.

In October 2019, the Philippine Supreme Court granted Mary Jane Veloso the right to testify against her recruiters through deposition in Indonesia. On receiving this favourable decision, Mary Jane’s supporters and family members expected justice would prevail and that Mary Jane would be soon freed.

However, over one year has passed since that Supreme Court’s decision, and Mary Jane’s hearing remains unscheduled.  Mary Jane still remains detained in Indonesia, waiting for her chance to testify without any concrete timeline.

 Justice delayed is justice denied. Mary Jane’s endless waiting amounts to torture not only to herself but also to her two children and her elderly parents.  While there is no clear information on her trial and submission of her deposition, the  Indonesian authorities have imposed onerous conditions on Mary Jane’s testimony, including the conditions of detention in Yogyakarta, a ban on cameras and legal representation, and submission of questions in writing.  

 After 10 years of imprisonment despite her innocence, it is time for Mary Jane Veloso to freely walk out of the prison gates and start her long-stolen life  again.  It must be recognised that Mary Jane’s experience is not an isolated case and indeed shared by many migrant women who are victims of discriminatory laws, policies and inaccessible justice systems.

We strongly urge the governments of Indonesia and of the Philippines to:  

  • Guarantee Mary Jane a timely, fair and impartial legal proceedings without any undue delay.
  • Remove any existing barriers to Mary Jane Veloso’s full exercise of her legal rights, including her right to testify not only through deposition but also through video recording or real time trial participation and her right to legal representatives during trials.
  • Release Mary Jane Veloso following her  deposition and fully support subsequent procedures for her return to the Philippines.



Organisation Type of Organisation
1 Freedom United International United States
2 INFORM (Interfaith Network for the Rights of Migrants) Regional Hong Kong
3 Filipino Friends Hong Kong Regional Hong Kong
4 Incheon Migrant Worker’s Center Regional Republic of Korea
5 MIGRANTE Central Visayas Regional Philippines
6 Public Services International-SEA Regional Philippines
7 Central Negros Associate Conference Regional Negros Oriental
8 Karmojibi Nari Grassroot/National Bangladesh
9 KASIMBAYAN Grassroot/National Philippines
10 Filipino Lesbians Organizations Grassroot/National Hong Kong
11 UCCP Pateros Bible Church Grassroot/National Philippines
12 United Church Men – UCCP Grassroot/National Philippines
13 National Council of Churches in Australia Grassroot/National Australia
14 UNLAD KABAYAN Grassroot/National Philippines
15 Migrant Health Association in Korea WeFriends Grassroot/National
Republic of Korea
16 1218ForAll Grassroot/National Korea
17 Supporters group for migrant workers movement Grassroot/National South Korea
18 Joint Committee with Migrant workers in Korea(JCMK) Grassroot/National Korea
19 Indonesian Migrant Workers Union Grassroot/National Hong Kong
20 Gabriela Hongkong Bank Chapter Grassroot/National Hong Kong
21 Public Association Women’s organization Alga Grassroot/National Kyrgyzstan


Individual Sign-ons
Name Country
1 Dafer Sief Syria
2 Springer-Fijal France
3 Moulis France
4 Lau Ka Mei Hong Kong
6 Lo King Wah Hong Kong SAR
7 Sharry Morshidi Malaysia
8 Sunzida Sultana Bangladesh
10 marofel distajo Philippines
11 Thomas Mäueler Germany
12 Juan Lopez Philippines
13 Guillermic France
14 Elena Mirano Philippines
15 Andrea Abraham Malaysia
16 Claude Bardin France
17 Manuel Michael Z. Rivera Philippines
18 Carl Sarinas Philippines
19 Magi Ali Hong Kong
20 Mikael Fellman Finland
21 Rev. Joram Calimutan Hong Kong
22 Melissa Santi Itimura Vitorasso Brazil
23 Rev. Arnie Q. Tejo Philippines
24 Lyn Danzalan Hong Kong
25 elma balos Philippines
26 Alexi KOBISCH-MIANA France
27 norma dollaga Philippines
28 Dalia Kellou Germany
29 Isagani Deslate Philippines
30 Rod Hungerford Austraila
31 reja barona Philippines
32 Eric Zamule United States
33 Annabelle Maregmen Philippines
34 rosalie r marquez Philippines
35 Nick Hong Kong
36 Ian Mariano Philippines
37 Ivo Hong Kong
38 mylene collado Hong Kong
39 bhei mhine Philippines
40 Ivy Hong Kong
41 Eunice Ngooi Malaysia
42 Robert Lewis England
43 Henderika Indonesia
44 James Mante Philippines
45 Rosanna Palm Philippines
46 WILLY M. PULIA Philippines
47 Mimi Azmin Malaysia
48 Samuel Santiago Philippines
49 Francisco S. Aviso Jr. Philippines
50 Bishop Jessie S. Suarez Philippines
51 Dwight Zabala Philippines
52 Edgar A. Masorong Philippines
53 Lynn Philippines
54 Dana Cacha Philippines
55 Joy Prim Hong Kong
56 Medita Benas Hong Kong
57 M Foster United States
58 Liezel Cabintoy Hong Kong
59 Fajar santoadi Malaysia
60 Ken Lethaby New Zealand
61 Khoo Hsen Han Malaysia
62 Vicky Rose Australia
63 Carl Jerome Ching Philippines
64 Melvin Jacinto Philippines
65 MARLYN CORPUZ Philippines
66 Zenaida D. Deslate Philippines
67 Stephen Hooker United States
68 Loree Philippines
69 Bezalie Bautista Uc-kung Philippines
70 Al-Rahjam Uc-Kung Philippines
71 Ana Marie Borja Philippines
72 Michael Jacinto Philippines
73 Amado Philippines
74 Hani Kristy Indonesia
75 Mary Rose Capuno Philippines
76 Rex A. Capuno Philippines
77 Sheila Julis Malaysia
78 matilde g. diestro Philippines
79 Aida Rodriguez Philippines
80 Amelia Robles Philippines
81 Wong Yew Lee Malaysia
82 Zoe Malaysia
83 Marlon Capuno Philippines
84 Benjemar Flores Philippines
85 Jeremae Flores Philippines
86 Bernard Lim Canada
87 Angela Varon United States
88 Grace Kuh Philippines
89 Roel Lebios Philippines
90 Catherine Chang Philippines
91 Rosiana Purnomo Thailand
92 Tessie Vertucio Philippines
93 Rev. Dr. Cheni Khonje United States
94 Judith Ehrman United States
95 Carol K BROWN United States
96 Catherine Suh United States
97 Jimmy Chapman United States
98 Courtenay Willcox United States
99 Rev. Janet DeVries United States
100 Andrea Abraham Malaysia
101 Phil Dougherty United States
102 Earline Jane Williams United States
103 Jimmy Chapman United States
104 Peter Bratt United States
105 Robert A Butterfield United States
106 Juanita Doromal Paniamogan Philippines / United States
107 Linda Adair United States
108 Mienda Uriarte United States
109 Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow United States
110 Rev. Mary Kuhns United States
111 Mary Jeanne Lemm Davis United States
112 Joanne Dolotallas Philippines
113 Ita Fatia Nadia Indonesia
114 Sri Candra Indonesia
115 Samsidar Indonesia
116 Tammy Warren United States
117 barbara easton United States
118 Tika Indonesia
119 The Rev. Lawrence S. Moir United States
120 Miriam Manatse Zimbabwe
121 Gemma Labagan Philippines
122 Chirabhon Som-at Thailand
123 Melly Indonesia
124 maharani Indonesia
125 Carole DeYoung United States
126 Darwita Purba Indonesia
127 Seth Ogeto United States
128 Koucouai Raphael Ebenezer Côte d’Ivoire
129 Sylevester Momanyi Kenya
130 Tamarisco Bangoro Indonesia
131 Maureen Balaba Philippines
132 Evalyn G. Ursua Philippines
133 JungHee, GOO Republic of Korea
134 JiEun Lee South Korea
135 Vanessa McCulloch Belgium
136 Adriana S.Thiago Belgium
137 Mariske The Netherlands
138 Avinda Kusuma Wardhani Indonesia
139 Lucy Wainwright Great Britain
140 Joanne Bruce UK
141 Rut Arsari Indonesia
142 youngsoon choe Korea
143 Nadia Dwi L Indonesia
144 Dan Park U.K.
145 Lynne Simpson United States
146 Iris Rico United States
147 Susan and Martin Bruegel United States
148 Gail Harano Cunningham United States
149 Lynne Simpson United States
150 Thomas (Tom) Laney United States
151 Vincy How Malaysia
152 Whitney Myanmar (Burma)
153 Choo Chon Kai Malaysia
154 Dr. Mya Moe Khaing Myanmar
155 Dwitiya Indonesia
156 Lia Marpaung Indonesia
157 Lal MC Myanmar
158 Caro Urquhart England
159 Edwin Thoms Haney United States
160 Mervin H. Toquero Philippines
161 Lizette Tapia Philippines
162 Eunice De Vera Philippines
163 Maria Renee Masaganda Philippines
164 Mark Dignadice Philippines
165 Mary Chrismina Galera Philippines
166 Lisa B Belgium
167 Rachel Li Hong Kong

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