Kavita Naidu, Climate Justice Programme Officer, APWLD



Thank you Chair, my name is Kavita Naidu, from the Pacific, and I speak on behalf of the Women and Gender Constituency. 

A number of support mechanisms have been created for capacity-building, for technological support and certainly finance. This is not enough.

The pre-2020 ambition was developed to lay the foundation for the NDC enhancement in 2020. But so far only 68 countries have declared that they will enhance ambition in their NDCs but they only represent 8% of global emissions so where is the ambition of the large emitters? In the last year, we have seen three IPCC reports. We surely do not lack scientific evidence about the impacts of climate change and the urgency to act. Even without the science, those of us working with the most vulnerable communities see an acceleration of the devastation resulting in the loss of lives, habitats and livelihoods.

What we do not see is ambition to support enhancing gender equality and protect human rights – ambition to ensure justice to protect women and non-binary peoples who are at the forefront of defending the environment. Climate finance is key to achieving just and equitable solutions to climate crisis yet we question the governance of the financial mechanisms. We know that the access of community based gender solutions to climate finance is limited and we demand to see a true and unwavering commitment to gender equality in financial policies, procedures, and approaches.

We urge the UNFCCC governing and implementation bodies to propel greater ambition as time is running out.

Thank you