The Bali Package is a Bad Deal for Women. We reject and resist the neo-liberal agenda of WTO and demand for economic justice. Bali (3-5 December, 2013).
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Feminist Carnival against the World Trade Organization

Bali, Indonesia (December 6) — Over 150 women from different countries in the Asia Pacific region gathered at Bajrasandhi Field, Renon for the Feminist Carnival Action against the World Trade Organisation, that was meeting a few miles away in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Chanting “Women resist WTO! Economic Justice Now!” “Burbakan WTO!” women farmers, domestic workers, migrant workers, activists and peasants marched in the streets of Bali in feminist batik sarong and traditional costumes. The Feminist Carnival included cultural parade of Asia and the Pacific women, protest dance and speak-outs calling for the total rejection of the WTO and the undemocratic free trade regime.
We are opposing the WTO because it channels wealth and power away from poor women and gives it to foreign governments, corporations and domestic elite. WTO triggers land grabbing, forced evictions, exploitative labour migration, reduces food sovereignty and robs women of their livelihoods.

We are demanding people centered trade where local communities and elected and people centered governments have sovereignty over their own economies.

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Resist resist WTO, women resist WTO. Reject Reject WTO, women reject WTO. Oppose oppose WTO, women oppose WTO — RESIST! REJECT! OPPOSE!