Category: GG Regional Mechanisms


We have seen global power shifting from international agencies to regional groupings and bodies in recent years. The regional blocs of Southeast Asia, East Asia (ASEAN), Central Asia, South Asia (SAARC), East Asia (EAS) and the Pacific (PIF) and other Asian formations like APEC, ASEAN+  are primarily geared towards economic integration.  The increasing “coming together” of these regional blocs and their growing political power and influence requires women’s rights movement in the region to look into the impact of regionalism on women’s human rights.

WC logoIn addition to the significant impact these blocs can play on human rights and economic justice, the space can provide opportunities for movement building and constructing a more coherent, collective feminist voice over key sub regional issues.

Our programme focusing on ASEAN (ASEAN Women’s Caucus) has faced the challenges of the ASEAN brand of regionalism but at the same time proved successful for movement building across Southeast Asia. Building on APWLD’s experience in convening and facilitating the ASEAN Women’s Caucus, the programme plans to expand its focus beyond the Southeast Asia region and continue with the approach of building regional feminist movements and influencing regional processes and standards.