facebook-profile Cambodian garment workers protesting for a rise in wages faced a violent police crackdown on January 2, 2014. Subsequent arrests and violence at an industrial park mark an escalation of repression on workers simply asking for a fair living wage. Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development joins organisations from the region calling on international civil society to hold a Global Week of Action starting Friday, 10 January 2014. Friday will be a day of protest against state repression of workers, protection for workers’ right to freedom of assembly, and right to a living wage.


Join us in Social Media Campaigns:

Using the hash tags, take part in raising awareness and put pressure on the Cambodian government and global brand manufacturers involved in the garment industry in Cambodia.

#cambodia #righttolivingwage #160isafairwage #developmentjustice
#solidarityforcambodia #protestKH #rightsKH

Note: Please always add #righttolivingwage in your posts, along with your other chosen hashtags, so we can track our campaign.

1. Post your comments and statements on the Facebook pages of the following companies dealing with Cambodian garment manufacturers.

GAP: https://www.facebook.com/gap
ADIDAS: https://www.facebook.com/adidasoriginals
NIKE: https://www.facebook.com/nike
PUMA: https://www.facebook.com/Puma
WALMART: https://www.facebook.com/walmart
H&M: https://www.facebook.com/hm


2. Take a selfie with the solidarity statement banner and post it in the brands’ wall with the hash tags

Download banner A4
Download banner A3
Download banner 1 x 32 meters
3. Share a video of workers and political activists under attack (http://youtu.be/Kjp4UGNUZGE) or upload your own video with a solidarity statement message with hash tags.
4. Or you can simply change your banners and profile images to the Global Solidarity Action banner




Spam the corporations. Twitter accounts and their social media campaigns are below:

GAP @Gap | #Styldby #backtoblue
ADIDAS @adidas | #adidasoriginals #adidas
NIKE @Nike | #justdoit #nike
PUMA @PUMA | #PUMAlife #PUMAstyle #feetfirst
WALMART @Walmart | #livebetter
H&M: @hm | #HMLife #HMFashion #HMTrend #HMConscious

Idea for tweets:

@hm If you are concerned, act now to make a commitment to #righttolivingwage for #cambodia #developmentjustice

#livebetter for whom? Solidarity with #Cambodia garment workers! We demand the #rightolivingwage @Walmart

#HMLife costs lives! @hm make a commitment to protect worker’s #rightolivingwage #160isafairwage #protestKH #Cambodia


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