Resisters Persisters Sisters

Resisters Persisters Sisters

Mobilising in the era of authoritarian, patriarchal, late capitalism

APWLD is holding the 1st WHAT THE..!!? Awards Ceremony at the 3rd Asia Pacific Feminist Forum this September in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Criteria, deadline and mechanics are as follows:

* Who can be nominated?

Leaders, politicians and or public figures be they men or women who are/ have: known to be corrupt; uttered sexist and misogynist remarks; shown disregard for women / human rights; or have authored and enacted policies that go against people’s rights and interest. Or have made positive statement or action.

* What is the prescriptive period?

While reporting crimes / filing a case may have a short prescriptive period, nominations for the WHAT THE..!!? Awards can have a longer one. We are looking to award public figures that have committed these offenses or taken positive action in the last 30 years.

* What details should be provided?

Who /what are you nominating?

Please explain your nomination

When did this happen?

Please provide proof for this nomination i.e. links to websites, news clippings or recordings

Your details (unless you want to remain anonymous)

*When can you nominate?

The nominations will be open 5th -18th August (12:00pm BKK time).




Deadline for applications was 17 July 2017. We have received an overwhelming response and would like to thank those who have applied. Please note that only successful applicants will be contacted for further information.

*All successful participants will be contacted by Friday 11th August*

Feminists from Asia Pacific, join APWLD members and allies to strengthen our movements, our solidarity and our resolve to dismantle economic, social and political systems that produce obscene levels of inequality, drive climate change and necessitate violations of women’s human rights. The 3rd Asia Pacific Feminist Forum is  a participatory event bringing together activists, women human rights defenders, academics, lawyers,  and global allies. The forum will facilitate the sharing of tools and resources, provide space for advocacy, strengthen capacities and invite us to collectively strategise to build our power in the era of authoritarian, patriarchal, late capitalism.

Globally and in our region, authoritarian, patriarchal rule is ascendant and civil society, feminist space is under increased attack. Yet globalisation is also increasingly questioned and movements that challenge exploitation and inequalities are increasingly visible. This is, therefore, the perfect time to come together and collectively map feminist alternatives to the current political, economic and social order whilst asking ourselves – what power, knowledge, tactics and movement strategies will it take to get us there.