The Women of APWLD

APWLD takes its direction and governance from its diverse membership. It is composed of over 200 non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations or networks including feminist/ women’s rights organisations as well as individual members from Asia and the Pacific.

The members constitute the General Assembly which meets every three years. The Regional Council of 24 representatives is nominated from the members and meets every year to decide on matters of membership, sets programme agendas and directions and creates the programme organizing committees.

The Programme and Management Committee oversees the management of the programmes and administration of the APWLD carried out by the Secretariat. It meets quarterly with the Secretariat to ensure the proper implementation of programmes by reviewing and approving programme plans as well as budget and financial administration of programmes.

The Secretariat implements the direction of programmes with the supervision of a Regional Coordinator. Each programme is composed of a programme officer assisted by a Programme Organizing Committee who are nominated from the Regional Council.


Regional Council Members 2017-2020

Abia Akram – National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD), Pakistan
Azra Sayeed – ROOTS for Equity, Pakistan
Christina Palabay – Tanggol Bayi, Philippines
Fatima Burnad – Society for Rural Education and Development, India
Joan M Salvador (Joms) – Gabriella, Philippines
Govind Kelkar – India
Eni Lestari – Hong Kong
Helda Khasmy – SERUNI (Indonesian Women Union), Indonesia
Matcha Phorn-in – Thai Association, Thailand
Mijoo Kim – Korea
Nalini Singh – Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, Fiji
‘Ofa Guttenbiel Likiliki – Tonga Women’s Crisis Centre, Tonga
Olga Djanaeva – Rural women’s association “Alga”, Kyrgyzstan
Raushan Nauryzbayeva – Public Foundation “Development of Civil Society” in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
Ravadee Prasertcharoensuk – Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF), Thailand
Renu RajbhandhariWomen’s Rehabilitation Center (WOREC), Nepal
Sultana Kamal – Bangladesh
Thida Khus – SILAKA, Cambodia
Titi Soentoro – Solidaritas Perempuan (Women’s Solidarity for Human Rights), Indonesia
Tran Thi Thanh Toan – Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), Vietnam
Yasso Kanti Bhattachan – National Indigenous Women Forum (NIWF), Nepal
Kate Lappin – Ex-officio


Programme and Management Committee Members

Govind Kelkar – India
Matcha Phorn-in – Thailand
Joan M Salvador (Joms) – Philippines
Titi Soentoro – Indonesia
Thida Khus – Cambodia
Ivy Josiah (Ex-officio)
Kate Lappin (Ex-officio)



Kate Lappin – Regional Coordinator
Misun Woo – Deputy Regional Coordinator
Diyana Yahaya – Programme Officer
Marion Cabrera – Programme Officer
Wardarina – Programme Officer
Sanam Amin – Programme Officer
Camille Risler – Programme Officer
Fai Suluck – Programme Officer
Trimita Chakma – Research and Communications Officer
Neha Gupta – Information and Communications Officer
Selena Grogan Ayasanond – APFF Coordinator
Kornvika Paoprathum – IT and Finance Support Officer
Chachanok Anjanbhati – Finance Associate
Betty Barkha – Executive Assistant
Visalinee Pantip – Liaison Officer
Lean Bayle Arcega Deleon – APFF Assistant Coordinator
Chen Cheng – APFF Intern
Kim Anh Nguyen – Communications Intern
Pooja Bhandari – Programme Intern
Zar Zar Tun – South South Intern